'Inspired' Exhibition, St Mary's Church, Stalham.  13-14 Aug  2022 Sat: 10-4, Sun: noon-4.

Ros Wilson Tapestries, Textiles, Art
Ros WilsonTapestries, Textiles, Art


Please telephone me on 01692 597120 if you would like to discuss topics and dates or send an e-mail to enquiries@roswilsondesign.co.uk


The Beauty of Blue: From marauding picts to logwood piracy, this talk uncovers the amazing history of blue dye.  Whether you love yarns or fabrics or just wear denim, this talk will give you a new perspective on blue.


The Power of Purple: tells the fascinating history of the power, politics and pigments of the colour purple from earliest times.  Millions of shellfish died to produce this colour.  Find out how and why!


A Passion for Red: Discover the history of red dye as it travelled around the world.  Beetles as valuable as gold and a tree brought to the point of extinction - red has it all! 

Based on my personal collection of World Textiles, this talk explores the way different cultures have created and embellished cloth using the materials around them - from wool to nettles, raffia to silk.


Exploring Textiles in Peru: Peru has perfectly preserved textiles dating back thousands of years.  This brief tour covers the unique history, geography and culture which has produced luxurious embroideries, tapestries, complex weaving and patchwork.

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